My Approach to Handling pets

My approach to handling pets is calmly incorporating body and mind with your pets. The togetherness makes your pets feel secure, which will stabilize their behavior.

Pets, especially cats, are nervous when their pet parents are away. By staying calm, your pet sitter can reassure your pets that everything is fine.

Since July 2012, I have been a dog trainer, dog walker and pet sitter. My success is due to my taking courses to understand your pets' needs.

Education prevents accidents from occurring. Since graduating from Animal Behavior College, I have become a dog trainer specializing in gentle training techniques for dogs. Instead of coercing dogs into the right behavior, I use treats to reward good behavior. Ignoring the negative behaviors and rewarding the positive behaviors teaches your dog that the right behavior will get him/her a treat.

Due to a leg injury, I am unable to walk dogs. These blogs show you what I have learned from pets, while I was a pet provider.


My Story

When working in the corporate world, I spent my lunch breaks at my house taking my dog for his noon time walk. In San Diego, I didn't know anyone who could walk my dog for me.

Today, animal lovers have opened pet businesses to help you with your pets. This website has blogs which shows you what I have learned from the family pet.